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salido is creating hospitality software for fine dining restaurants enabling them to recognize regulars. we own and operate restaurants in New York and have several restaurant co-development partners in NYC.

we are a culture of product-focused people. we are pragmatic engineers who always have our clients' needs in clear focus as we build. what binds team salido is the passion to create a world-class product that will make life better for restaurant owners, waiters, and customers. we view salido as a company which will both enable and sustain restaurant businesses.

salido is angel funded.

Positions available

Lead iOS Engineer

Who you are:

  • Profound understanding of how to build iphone/ipad applications. Have one or more published apps.
  • Solid understanding of web and web-related technologies
  • Driven and self-motivated
  • Able to deal with ambiguous and fast-changing requirements. Have a sense of product that will help you fill in the blanks.
  • Be able to collaborate and deal with other strong personalities.


  • Work as a principal member of the iOS team to prototype, architect, and implement new products as they are conceived
  • Be able to implement great user experiences. Know the difference between a great user experience and a lame user experience.
  • Translate designs into specs into software without handholding.
  • Pragmatically build real software under the tight deadlines.


  • 2+ years of professional development with iOS.
  • 5+ years of relevant professional development experience.
  • Fluent in Objective C
  • Working knowledge of relational databases
  • Experience in web or internet development
  • Other languages: Ruby on Rails, PHP, Python, etc.
  • Excited about working in a fast-growing start-up and understands the constraints
  • Know the difference between enterprise-scale and internet-scale, and when one or the other is appropriate

Lead Server Side Engineer

Who you are:

  • You've been around the internet and/or mobile space long enough that the basics are old hat – the new exciting stuff is where you live.
  • You've built software for so long that you know it has to work – and the new exciting stuff sometimes doesn't get you there. You live your life being pulled in these two opposing directions.
  • You've built software in a bunch of languages, and you took to RoR like a dolphin to water. It feels right and you love working in it, when it's appropriate. You also know, of course, when it's not.
  • Product matters to you. You care about building something that is designed well and works well. You understand that it is a messy, iterative, frustrating process to get there. Your sense of product fills in the blanks left by rapid design and insufficient specs.
  • You like having and listening to customers.
  • You are excited by the idea of working from home in a distributed team, and are responsible enough to get your work done in this mode.
  • You understand how difficult, and exciting, working for a startup can be, and are ready to handle it.


  • Collaborate with iOS developers, designers, businesspeople, and customers to give product shape to nebulous product ideas in a rapid-prototyping, iterative environment
  • Implement and pound out pieces of product such as reports, CMS, and other things not always seen as "exciting"
  • Help create and follow processes for a new software development shop – including SCM, server and client deployment, QA
  • Translate designs into specs into software without handholding.
  • Pragmatically build real software under the tight deadlines.


  • 10 years developing software for the internet in various languages & platforms
  • Deep knowledge of Ruby and of Rails
  • Experience with Ajaxy web sites
  • Experience building APIs a plus, especially for mobile
  • Working knowledge of relational databases and SQL
  • Enjoy building both server-side systems and user-facing web sites
  • Know the difference between internet and enterprise software. Have a preference for internet software.
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